Proud or Ashamed of Earth?

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If one day our planet were to be visited by aliens of a highly civilized planet, would you be proud to show them our world, or ashamed of all that's wrong with it? Although I am proud of all the technology we have acquired, I would have to say I am overall ashamed of the world of poverty, crime, and hate that we live in.

As I took the aliens around the globe, I would obviously be proud to show them everything we've accomplished. From our vehicles, airplanes, and even spaceships, to hospitals and laboratories that have come up with cures for diseases, and computers and the age of electronics, these are all things to be proud of. After we left this tour of our major accomplishments, there would still be so much for them to see, some of which we aren't too proud of.

We walk through the streets of a city in the U.S. and the aliens spot a homeless man begging for food and money.

The aliens are shocked that everyone in our great society doesn't have a home. They were even more shocked at the number of people starving and without homes as we toured a middle-eastern country. They couldn't understand how governments could be so wealthy yet leave their people to starve to death. I had no explanation for them other than greed. They didn't understand what greed was. Where they're from everyone works together so that all are taken care of. With the aliens confused, we moved on.

Back in the U.S., we took a tour of a small country town. A drunken man with his whiskey bottle at hand yelled and screamed at his wife while three young children watched with glazed eyes. He began hitting her and threw her against the...