Psychiatry Hospitalization Amongst Military

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Psychiatry Hospitalization Amongst Military


Psychiatry Hospitalization Amongst Military


It has increasingly come to notice that a large number of American personnels are hell bent taking the lives of their own. The wars that are being fought on the front of Iraq and Afghanistan have certainly taken a toll on them. The continuous work has resulted in the occupational morbidity. This morbidity results in disability, work absenteeism, unemployment and as well as social impairment and high health care utilization (Britt et al, 2006).


Military is a very important asset, as it is always in the forefront in the core issues of any country (Cordesman, 2003). It has come to notice that the continuous American war against Iraq and Afghanistan have made the troops unhappy and even mentally unstable. They are in the midst of war and many of the facilities are not there that were available to them back home.

It is all because of this that the ratio of suicide has increased considerably. In 2009, the ratio of suicide in the armed forces was 334. Out of this 334, 150 gave their lives in Iraq soil where as the death toll in Afghanistan was 319. It cannot be said as the final verdict as the death toll just keeps on rising in large numbers. Infact the rate of suicide last year even broke the records of 1980.

Talking about the records, during the last five years almost 174% of physical and mental disability soldiers have been discharged. According to the statistics, the number of military patients discharged in these five years is 1,397 in 2005 to 3,831 in 2009. According to an Army behavioral health official Army Lt. Col. Rebecca Porter, "a clear relationship between multiple deployments and...