A Psychological Essay on the inclusion of Sex Education for both the Primary and Secondary Curriculum

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"…we should let the parents be the first teachers of such topic. Parents can better deal with the problems if they would know what is going on…"

- Bishop Luis Antonio G. Tagle, D.D.

Diocese of Cavite

The latest statistics show that almost 43 percent of the total number of high school students have already set sail the love boat. Almost half of the total number of students respondents has already done the act and most likely has done it more than once.

Of the 1.3 million elementary and high school students nationwide, 78 percent of which have already been active in such activities or have already some experience or knowledge regarding such activities. These statistical data shows just how sex is happening between students and informations regarding it is fast circulating.

Reports has been made regarding such activities, if you can recall one specific documentation done by Sandra Aguinaldo of I - Witness (GMA 7) at around the the fourth quarter of 2008, "Nanay na si Nene" which tells a story of a young girl who was just 13 year old girl, that already has her own child, and of her 17-year-old partner, who was not even a high school graduate.

At 13, Lealyn, not her really name, became an out school youth due to her pregnancy. Lealyn gave birth just five months ago to twin daughters. She was forced to drop-out of school so that she would be able to take care of her two new born daughters and help her partner in finding ways on how to feed her twins, because usually the babies' bottles were only filled with water and sugar.

The documentation also shows the story of Belinda, a 14 years of age girl, who was five (5) months pregnant. At her young age,