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A systematic approach can be faced with some difficulties when trying to apply it to selection in a work setting. In this case Mark has been using a step-by-step procedure to try and fill a number of few positions for Team Leader posts. Mark applies a whole range of selection issues in a way that is realistic, but is not necessarily straightforward and complex.

There are many other issues which I will deal with and I will also be looking at the methods which Mark had also focussed on.

Mark had performed some approaches with care and some without any thought. First of all he had referred to various texts for background knowledge, which is a good factor because this would have given him a better outlook and understanding on the position of Team Leader. Mark had referred to 2 methods. He looked at the Dictionary of occupational titles, which again would have given him background knowledge of the assigned post and would give him a better understanding of what ?shoes would fill? that job criteria.

Furthermore Mark had also sought advice from the plant?s managing director which proves to show that Mark is really trying to absorb as much information as he can about the position to be filled. I would have not really asked the Managing director because I feel that he would not know the internal applicants as well, therefore I would have asked the supervisors or previous Team leaders (if they were still part of the company). The reason being is that these people would know more about the position that needs to be filled, then would the Managing Director because that is what they get paid to do, to look after individual teams or workforce.

Mark had also noted the duties a new team...