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How are you going to manage working with people you don't like?

Strategies for working with someone you Dislike

You might feel guilty for not liking someone you work with. However, it's normal not to get along with everyone: we all have different workplace values and habits, and sometimes these can clash, especially when we spend a lot of our day working with someone.

Use the steps below to build a more productive relationship.

a.) Understand the Situation

It's essential to understand the difference between a colleague who is being unhelpful or frustrating, and one who is bullying you, or preventing you from doing your job.

Think about specific situations that you've found upsetting to clarify your thinking. For example, a colleague who makes sarcastic remarks in a meeting may be having a bad day; however, persistent negativity that causes distress or delays is a problem.

Then look at the behavior itself. Use Benne and Sheats ' Group Roles to understand how it fits into the dynamics of your team, and note how the behavior affects you, your colleagues, and your organization. Does it affect your ability to do your job? Does it harm an individual in your team? Does it harm your organization's mission? Or does it affect the team's cohesiveness?

These are all valid issues that need to be dealt with. However, be careful in other areas: if you dislike someone because of their lifestyle or politics, then you may need to be more tolerant .

b.) Analyze Why

Start by thinking about why you don't like this person. What does he or she do, specifically, that irritates you?

It's possible that the negative or annoying behavior reminds you of a specific trait that you have yourself and that you don't like.

For example,