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Heineken marketing manager Steven Muller says if drinking beer is the hardest thing hel ever have to do, he doing well.

IT'S all about beer for Heineken Australia marketing manager Steven Muller, who takes the rigours of the job in his stride.

"We all have to make sacrifices when it comes to work," he says. "But if drinking beer and getting a feel for the pub scene is the hardest thing I'll ever have to do, then I'm doing well."

In reality Muller's role is far more complex than he jokingly describes but there isn't any place he'd rather be. "I spend between 60 and 70% of my time in the office. A lot of time is spent on the operational and strategy side of things-the thinking, writing and planning behind it all."

At just 28, Muller is embracing the challenge of raising Heineken's profile in Australia and promoting the premium beer segment.

And while he is no stranger to the beer industry, having worked on the Heineken brand while part of the Guinness Australasia network from 1996 to1999, it's a far cry from where he first started.

After graduating from Sydney's University of Technology in 1993, Muller worked as an assistant buyer at Duty Free.

But the lure of "big business" proved too strong and he made the switch to Unilever in 1994. "Although I enjoyed [Duty Free], I always knew I wanted to work in a bigger business and take on more challenges. As it happens, everything evolved and basically fell into place."

Muller spent two years at Unilever before moving into the beer industry three years ago. He started at Guinness, where he worked on the Heineken brand.

Under the arrangement, CUB was responsible for the distribution of Heineken, while Guinness handled marketing for the brand. "I...