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Essay by Souljahstyle_006 July 2004

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That was probably the loneliest day of my life in the last three and a half years. I am sitting in my dark closed room, writing down my thoughts because there is nothing to do. I feel like I have no one to talk to. It was a New Year's morning; I woke up only to start an argument with my dad regarding a household issue. I left home without having breakfast since I was getting late for my date. I had promised my girl that I would take her to an Indian stage show.

As usual my girl, as a lady who strongly believes that punctuality is a virtue, had arrived early. On the other hand, even though I skipped breakfast, I was running late. Finally I arrived at the Molson Amphitheater altogether an hour and a half late. By this time the show was half way over.

I saw her waiting for me in the front section of the theater. I didn't utter a word but just gazed into her eyes, filled with anger towards me. As she walked past me towards the exit doors, which lead to the Dufferin Street, the odor that attracted me towards her embraced me once again.

As we were waiting for the street car she let out her thoughts, her tears and her emotions with a series of abusive words and a pale sound of regret. Right at that moment, I thought I had lost her forever. To my dismay my thought came to be true. I questioned myself that; why is life so unpredictable? Why is it so unfair? I tried reasoning and debating with her and still found myself wrong. It exhausted me when she said the words, "I can't live with a stereotypical bastard like you".