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Mission Statement

"We love dogs and cats. That's why we come to work every day. We never tire of watching them. Trying to better understand them. Working to enrich their lives as they enrich ours. For over 75 years we've been finding new ways to help pet's live healthier, happier and longer lives. Along the way we've made more progress in the advancement of pet care and pet nutrition than any other company in the world, from research and product development, to the support of local pet care initiatives and national events. At Purina, your pets are our passion." Purina.com

Company Background

* In 2002 Nestle and the worlds largest complete dog food company, Ralston Purina merged together to form the brand Nestle Purina Pet care {NPPC}

* Purina became the largest pet food company in the world

* Within the UK, Purina are number 2 when it comes to manufacturing

Corporate Objectives

Purina's main objectives are:

* To make the company valued and understood in the UK

- Build brand awareness within the UK

* A value share increase in grocery total coverage of 2% in each of the three product areas

1. Bakers Complete

2. Felix

3. Winalot Treats

This is to cover the campaign time period of 2005 - 2006

SWOT Analysis


* Cat food - growth of pouches market {41%}

* Pouches seen as more convient fresher and easier to serve

* Growth of super premium dry cat food

* Life stage products - kitten, senior

* Dog food - growth of premium dry food- less smell, less mess and lighter

* Growth in dog treat market {5.7%}


* Highly complex market - many different formats are available from different flavors to life stages

* More cats in the south and dogs in the...