This pursuasive essay shows the downside of the Welfare System.

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Many less fortunate Americans are signed up for welfare; the program designed to aid poor and needy families. Unfortunately, it has now become a way of life for many of them. Numerous say that welfare is not demolishing our society and creating a dependent people who have learned to abuse certain privileges that come with living in America, but it is proven that this is not true.

Many say that welfare is obligatory for many family units, and that it must not be stopped. This is only true in part. We need welfare, but we also need to limit the amount of time a family can stay on it. By letting families stay on welfare for long periods of time, we are only creating a lazy culture. People figure that the welfare check will save them, so there is no motivation for going out and getting a job? That is why President Clinton signed the welfare reform bill.

He knows that the welfare laws need to be changed.

Many people are abusing welfare in more ways than one. The most common form of welfare abuse is just staying on it too long, and using it as an income, instead of help. There are worse cases, though, which clearly show the need for change. Many people are using welfare as an income, and using the money for purposes other than survival. Many are using the money to buy drugs. Naturally, these drugs lead to an even more destructive way of life. Many of these people become even more immoral, having babies for the money that will be added to her monthly check.

Before, honest, hardworking people who just needed a push used welfare. Now, welfare has become something that too many depend on. Many of the families on welfare are...