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* * * * * Chapter 13 * The Wronskie Defensive Feint ?arry woke early the next morning, eager to play Slytherin in their first Quidditch match of the season. By the beginning of November, it was normally very cold, windy, and wet, but it was sunny, dry, although cold. Harry and Ron went down to breakfast and met up with the rest of their team. Harry noticed that Ron was a little queasy, remembering how nervous he was before his first match in his first year at Hogwarts.

Rounding ten-thirty, the school started out toward the newly grown quidditch field. "Yeah Weasley, *243* * * * * * Chapter 13 * Potter buy that broom or did your parents have to sell that box you call a home?" spat Malfoy on the way to their locker room with the rest of the Slytherin team. Fred and George had to hold both Ron and Harry from attacking Malfoy.

"I'll get him back during the match," Harry assured Ron, with his teeth still clenched. Harry, the new Gryffindor captain after Oliver Wood left Hogwarts, picked up a few pre-game speech tips and gave the team a quick pep-talk.

As they came to the field, Madam Hooch announced, "Potter, Derrick, I want to see a clean game, they shook hands. "Now mount your brooms and Three...Two... One...".

All fifteen soared into the air. "Warrington takes the quaffle followed hard by Katie Bell, ooh and a hard hit with the bludger by George Weasley, Gryffindor beater," announced being Lee Jordan, doing the commentary and being watched closely by *244* * * Harry Potter and the * * * Order of the Phoenix * Professor McGonagall. "Bell picks up the quaffle with a quick pass to chaser Angelina Johnson and.... score! GRYFFINDOR ten, SLYTHERIN zero".

"Harry Potter taken to the sky and is followed hard by Draco Malfoy. Why that no good." "Jordan yelled McGonagall." "I mean Goyle, lands a hard hit to Alicia, and, yes, there's the whistle from Hooch. Alicia lays it in, twenty to zero Gryffindor. Slytherin with possession, heading for the goal, and SAVED by new team member Ronald Weasley,".

On the field, Harry with the change around, now marked Malfoy so close their brooms were bumping. "Hey Potter, goin' to get hitched with little red so the Weasly's have enough money to buy their own brooms?" The Sky's suddenly filling with dark clouds.

At that, Harry not knowing what was going on, lost control of his broom and went into a straight *245* * * * * * Chapter 13 * dive, not breaking away. Malfoy stayed on Harry's tail thirty.... twenty.... ten.... feet from the, Crash! Harry's broom pulled up safely and he regain control over his broom. just as always and let Malfoy accelerate straight into the ground.

The entire stadium went quiet, amazed at what Harry had just done. Even Lee Jordan couldn't commentary it. Madam Pomfrey came frantically onto the field and put Draco onto a levitating stretcher and, with the assistance of Professor Snape, took the bleeding, unconscious Malfoy up to the castle. After that, Madam Hooch blew her whistle and postponed the game without an argument, even from the Gryffindor team.

As everyone was leaving the stadium, nobody spoke a word to Harry, except Professor McGonagall, "Potter, In my office. Now." Harry had never seen her look this mad before. "I know that you and Malfoy might not like each other, but never in all my *246* * * Harry Potter and the * * * Order of the Phoenix * years of teaching here have I seen a cheep shot like the one you just pulled; you knew he was going to hit the ground." "But professor I," Harry began.

"Don't say anything Potter." Harry's head was now throbbing. "And for that, fifty points from Gryffindor and two weeks of detention... helping Filch scrub floors with no magic". The red in her cheeks blared. "And I want a one-and-a-half roll of parchment of an apology to Malfoy, providing that he recovers." Harry left her office still dazed at what just went on.

As Harry entered the Gryffindor common room, everyone looked at Harry as he entered, but immediately, they turned away.

No one said anything to him, not even Ron and Hermione. At that he decided it was best to go to his *247* * * * * * Chapter 13 * dormitory. Laying in his bed he thought about what had just happened earlier and how and who did it.

He knew that somehow he would have to convince Ron and Hermione that it was someone else controlling his firebolt.

In the morning, Harry woke up and headed straight for the Owlery. He had decided to send Hedwig with a letter to Sirius about what happened the night before.

Dear Sirius, Yesterday was the first quidditch match of the season. Everything was going alright until my firebolt went out of control and went into the Wronskie Defensive Feint on it's own. I'm alright but Draco Malfoy wasn't able to pull up in time and is still unconscious. Everybody thinks that I did it on purpose *248* * * Harry Potter and the * * * Order of the Phoenix * to make him fly into the ground. Even Ron and Hermione thinks I did. Write back soon.

Harry P.S. Hope you and Beaky are doing well and thanks for the birthday gift and card.

Harry strapped the letter to Hedwigs leg and decided it was time to talk to Ron and Hermione over a nice breakfast.