Race In My Community

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I was born in Shreveport, Louisiana, in November of 1975, and I still reside here. Being adopted, I do not know much about my ethnic background. I know that when I look in the mirror I see a white face with blue eyes and light brown hair. I was raised by a white couple, neither of which is racist. However, racism is a huge issue in our community.

We have many Caucasian people here. There are also very many African Americans who live here, many of which relocated to our area from New Orleans and other areas in the southern part of Louisiana due to Hurricane Katrina. Some stayed only long enough for the waters to recede and went back home. Many more are tired of living according to hurricane season and decided to make Shreveport and the surrounding areas their new home. There are also some Arab Americans or people of Middle Eastern decent.

I see them mostly running convenience stores, and I see a few women in Wal-Mart occasionally. I recognize them from the head-dress they wear. I always wonder how these women manage to not have a heat stroke. We have 100 degree days here that are extremely humid and they are in long heavy attire with long sleeves and the head wrap. There are a few Asian Americans here as well. I do not see them very much but I remember a family from Korea that used to live across the street from my grandmother when I was a teenager. I befriended the daughter of this family and was invited over for dinner one night. All I can remember is I never understood a word that was said, they sat on the floor to eat, and I left hungry because I could never figure...