Race War

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Race War Believe it or not, but the truth is by the time we are 30 the white race will be the minority. By 2045 Mexicans will make up 60% of the United States population and Blacks will compose over 20%. White people will make up less than 20% of the population. Today the United States is third largest Spanish speaking nation in the World. This is only preceded by Mexico and Spain. This is America people I thought the language was English. So if you tell me this is still a white mans country you are dead wrong. It is the land of the spic, home of the Jew, and streets of the Nigger. Now the problem arises when we are the minority. Who holds all the wealth in this country, white men? Now do you think minorities are going to change their ways and can compete with us in the job market.

The sad answer is no. They lack the knowledge, skills, money, and upbringing we had. Now what is going to happen when 20% of the population controls all the wealth, and when 80% of the population looks at the whites living it up? Then the same thing, which is repeated over in history happens. That's right a war of the classes, or a race war. A classic example is the French Revolution. The peasants saw that the nobility, about 10% of the population held all the wealth, so they got angry and along came a war. In South Africa the whites that made up about 15% of the population controlled all the power and wealth while the peasants starved. So a bloody revolution came about. The story of Robin Hood also illustrates this, the bad are the rich and the good are the poor. The...