Racial Profiling For Arabs

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Racial Profiling for Arabs Do you want to be discriminated against by someone? I don・t think anyone would say yes. Americans used to say that they opposed racial profiling. After the terrorist attack on September 11, the world changed. Racial profiling has become the focus and the media report on people who think it is okay, as shown below. Many Americans are afraid of foreign people, especially people who are Arabs and Iranians. That is because those groups of people may be related to the terrorist attack. Under this situation, in order to prevent these incidents from happening in the future, Americans are willing to implement the law enforcement practice of racial profiling. This is discrimination through racial profiling, which is a fundamental violation of liberty. We should not put this in law enforcement practice because racial profiling is unfair.

After the terrorist attack on September 11, many people began to think anyone in society could be a terrorist, especially those who are Arabs. As an example, Virginia Hawthorne, a woman from Bremerton, Wash., said that she feels targeting Arabs is wrong but it is justified (Verhovek B12). In this situation, people want to discriminate just because of someone・s racial group. This is unfair, because ethnic discrimination has been illegal in the U.S. since slavery was abolished during the Civil War.

A woman in Brooklyn is Ms. Nyary. She knows that some people want to discriminate against Arabs and Arab-Americans. She knows this is the wrong way to act even though some Arabs might be terrorists. Therefore, she decided to be friendly to Arabs now so that they feel support. Sometimes she walks to her daughter・s school. She walks down the street of Arab shopkeepers so that she is with them. She understands that racial profiling is not...