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Rainbow Six By Nick Welker Rainbow Six is a government swat team that can strike at any play at any time in the world to stop terrorism. Getting out of the Van Johnson Homer was getting his gun PSG-1 sniping rifle ready for combat. The blue team was preparing to breach the door of the museum of arts building. Knowing that there was Hostages inside the building the team was not going to make any wrong decisions. The door was slammed open and the Blue team ran inside killing all terrorists in sight. The Red Team went in the back door through the storage room and shot a terrorist on the stairs. While all this was going on Johnson was out side zooming up on a tango with a hostage at gun point and waiting for the signal to fire. When the two teams got to the room with hostages they pulled out flashbangs and were going to storm the room.

Once the word was given Johnson took the shot and hit the tango in the head while the red and blue teams flashbanged the room and went in killing the rest of the tangos. Mission success, Johnson and the other teams had saved an ambassador's daughter from dying. When back at R6 headquarters they were dressing their wounds and cleaning their guns.

Page 2 Johnson was informed about a special mission of the cost of Japan that involved terrorists threatening to blow up an oil tanker if demands are not met. This mission involved a sniper to take out the tango in control of the explosives. Johnson decided that it would be a good mission and signed up for the sniper. The next morning they were sent in a stealth chopper and dropped into a raft near the tanker. Boarding the hull of the tanker the three teams were getting ready to head inside the ships control room. The blue team would enter the rooms and kill all the tangos incite while the red team would just escort the hostages to safety. Johnson was on the yellow team and just had to snipe the tango with the explosive detonator when given word. All the teams were in place and Johnson took the shot, miss, but he quickly took another shot and got the tango. Everything was going well and the red team had entered the room with the tangos and was escorting. Mission success, the oil tanker did not blow up and the terrorists were killed. Something was going on here, terrorists were all over the world killing for an unknown reason. The next mission for R6 was at the water treatment next to Chicago. A group of terrorists had taken the treatment building and was threatening to inject poison into the water killing thousands in Chicago. In addition this involved some hostages at gun point, so R6 had to be very careful. Johnson was still needed to snip with his PSG-1 through some windows helping eliminate some tangos. There would be three teams Page 3 Involved. Blue had to infiltrate the building and disable the poison bomb without being seen while the yellow team just had to save the hostages with as little noise as possible. Of course the yellow team had Johnson and all he had to do was snipe. They interred the building and killed some tangos trying to get to the poison bomb before a tango did. The red team had just gone inside and almost caused a hostage is killed. Johnson just picked off all the tangos he could see. After some close calls they managed to rescue all the hostages and prevent the poison bomb from going off. They had completed the mission with no losses.

There was another large mission in Kosovo involving some NATO officials in a chopper that had been shot down by Siberian terrorists and were taken hostage. Johnson did not have to snipe, but to assault. He was given a HK-MP5A4 and had to rescue the hostages. They set off going through the city killing any tango insight They then found the room with the hostages, but it was guarded by three tangos. They all picked a tango to kill and shot, killing all of them. Then Johnson escorted the hostages back to the safety zone with no loss of R6 members.

After these four victories the terrorists around the world started to leave and there were peace for R6. Johnson went home and just waited for the next time he had to go out and save the world.