A Raisin in the Sun

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Walter, Ruth, Beneatha, Mama, these four characters are some of the greatest I have encountered in literature. They seem to jump out of the text. These four characters make this story. Their powerful words and actions create a story that is spellbinding. These characters get across the writers theme, namely that the human spirit can over come any conflict; the Human spirit cannot be defeated.

        Many times during A Raisin in the Sun the characters actions show the power of the human spirit. Such as in Act II when Mr. Lindner comes to the apartment trying to get the family to sell him the home and Walter says to him “Never mind…my house, man.” Walter is able to stand up to Mr. Lindner and tell him how he feels that he will not be giving up his families dream. Walter tells him a second time in Act III. Walter is thinking of selling the house but looking into his son Travis eyes makes him change his mind and says “What I’m telling…want your money.”

In this quote Walter becomes a man and shows that even though he is down and out he still is strong, his sprit is strong.

        Mama, the strongest character in the story has some advice for Beneatha. When Beneatha is bad mouthing Walter, Mama says to Beneatha “That’s what I thought…you the privilege?” In this quote Mama reminds Beneatha that she must remain strong to help her brother, no matter what even after what he has done she must help him.

        A Raisin in the Sun is a story of the human spirit. How powerful a person can be even when faced with adversity. That one person will can overcome the odds. One strong willed person can change lives.