Ralph Waldo Emerson. This essay deals with Emerson's distinctive writing style, and what sets it apart from that of other authors and poets.

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Ralph Waldo Emerson was a sensational poet. Throughout his life, he wrote poetry that bewilders a normal person. Emerson was a very optimistic and self-confident person. This was mainly due to the fact that he was raised in a humble manner. Emerson wrote his poems through his heart and embodied his very soul into his work. Ralph Waldo Emerson had a very distinctive style of writing.

It has been said by many critics that many of Emerson's lines in his poetry seem flat and discontinuous. This is true, yet, this should be considered a bad. As most poetry flows evenly throughout, most of Emerson's works did not. He did this in order to develop a poem that was freer and had more open verse. This was part of his originality as he wrote poetry his own way rather than the conceptual way.

It has also been noted that Emerson seldom followed a fixed rhyme scheme. Emerson did this because he believed so much in originality. He believed that none of his poetry should be stolen off of others, he wanted all of his work to be from his heart. Furthermore, Emerson believed that poetry should be able to run free, that is why he seldom followed a rhyme scheme. He did not want his poetry to be restrained to any boundaries, rather he wanted it to move about as it liked.

Emerson's worldly views and ideals helped shape his poetry and make it unique. In many of Emerson's poems, he talked of and alluded to religious ideals, and in some he actually took the perspective of a god. Due to the fact that Emerson believed so strongly in nature, he also wrote many works on that topic and further alluded to nature in most of...