A range of changes that have occured in the workplace, and the cause/effects of these changes.

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Technology And Change In Business

Technology has been a major change in our work places over the past few years.

Although it is great that there are so many technological advancements occurring to make things easier for employees, it can also make things more difficult.

The huge leaps in technology have given us new ways of working and living, and nobody can dispute the many advantages of this progress. However, these same changes are creating a new beginning in which the full impact of has not been assessed. Mobile telephones, lap-top computers, pagers, modems, email, and more have put us in touch with an employees companies 24 hours a day. Without these "advancements" employees were forced into "quiet time" which some find they now do not have. The mind needs an opportunity to relax or to go "offline" for a while.

Some employees find that they need to be re-trained to use technology because they are unsure what to do - complicating their jobs.

Even worse, some employees are finding that they are becoming redundant due to the fact that a computer is now capable of performing their jobs.

It is important that workers learn to adapt to these changes because things will keep happening - technological advancement is going to continue to increase further and further.

Some of these technological advancements are things such as computers, the Internet and email, facsimile and banking.

Computers and their systems are constantly being updated with new programs in order to assist workers, however this is not always the case. Many employees find these new programs being introduced to be confusing, as they are not used to them. It can become quite frustrating at times and can be time consuming. On the other hand, once employees have adapted to these programs they often...