The Raptor and the Lamb Predators and Prey in the Living World

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The Raptor and the Lamb, written by Christopher McGowan is a book that focuses on predator and prey relationships in the living world, both aquatic and terrestrial. In this book he starts in the African Savannah. In the savannah there are many predators and prey. There are a small pride of lions traveling in the savannah when they see a heard of zebras. The lions get closer and they sneak up on the zebras. Once close, the lioness pounces on the zebra and bites into its neck. The zebra is resilient but is not strong enough to fight and dies a slow painful death. Now the other four to five lions come and all feast on the muscle and on organs of the lion.

The pride of lions is not alone. There is also a small group of hyenas sitting and watching the lions and the dead zebra from a safe distance.

Hyenas, which are for the most part scavengers, are waiting for the lions to leave so they can feast on the zebra. After the lions leave the zebra the hyenas make their move. They don't find much meat on the zebra but the hyenas can eat through the biggest of bones with no problem. The hyena has larger carnassials than the lion, therefore; it can easily eat bones.

After the hyena the book goes into talking about wild dogs and wildbeest's. The wild dogs who weighs about 50 pounds preys on the wildbeest weighs about 600 pounds. Therefore they have to use strategy to weed out their prey. They stampede the heard which makes the weak wildbeest fall behind and therefore the wild dogs take advantage of this. They feast on the weak. This is how the wild dogs are able to prey on an animal that weighs...