Rational Global Warming Debate

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Rational Global Warming Debate

Jeffery Blades

Axia College of University of Phoenix

Environmental Science

Richard Dunsheath

November 11, 2008�

Rational Global Warming Debate

As the Earth's climate continues to change, it is important to analyze and understand the driving forces behind the temperatures of the globe and the political motives behind the theory of Global Warming. This baffles politicians and scientists alike. While both sides can make valid arguments, one fact is for sure; the earth has been warming for thousands of years. The predicated consequences of global warming consist of political and scientific arguments made on the true catalyst of what global warming really entails. Humans are in real need to discover and determine the distinction between conservation and preservation and be clear and concise; on the definitions. Do we as a society completely preserve nature without any and all human developments or do we have conservation and preserve nature with some limitations that are clearly defined in the scope of what is being explored.

What matter is the top priority that will insure the survival of future generations? This must be decided by the experts in the industry that do not have a stake in their claims and can back their findings with the data that can be supported with fact and not solely on evidence.

The case study written by Newton, Dillingham, and Choly discusses the many different benefactors that are involved with the affects of global warming and what is considered to be theory and fact, and how the "green house" affect will have a major impact on our future (2006). The case study goes on to discuss that Earth in its entirety is affected by this global warming. Not only are the oceans affected, but so are our politicians, scientists,