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The rave was pomping. The cute girl I had been dance with all morning offered me a pill. Her name is Lina.

As I picked up the phone, I felt all the excitement running in my mind. It was David. David told me to meet at the lobby at nine o¡¦clock to go to the rave. I was nervous because David was brining three pretty girls. I started going through the closet looking for the best outfit. In the end, I wore a black skin tight shirt and a very baggy black jeans. When I stepped into the car, I found three girls. The girl who was sitting next to David was Julie. The other two were Nicole and Lina. They are all a year younger than me. Nicole and Lina are two best friends. People say they are inseparable. I was interested in Lina, however Lina was not quite interested.

Instead Nicole likes me. As our five stepped into the rave, the securities were frisking Lina, I saw a weird smile on her face, however the techno and trance music had let me forget about it. The D.J. was awesome. At midnight, David and Julie left us to dance privately. I was left with Lina and Nicole. Three of us were all talented dancers. We danced and danced all night. I kept going close to Lina, but Nicole kept interfering. I was upset, however my brain was thinking of a wat to ditch Nicole. I knew couple of guys at the rave. I asked them to get Nicole busy. The three guys walked to Nicole and started asking her questions. Nicole was surprised that three good looking males were hitting on her, and she soon forgot about me. Meanwhile I was having the best time with Lina. Lina found out it did not feel uncomfortable, she told me that I am cute and nice so she just danced alone with me. As the clock ticked to three in the morning, everyone felt tired. Lina suddenly opened a little case from her pocket. In the case was little white pills. I knew immediately that it was one kind of ecstasy named ¡§Happy Face.¡¨ As Lina swallowed one she offered me one. I knew if I don¡¦t take it, the night is going to be spoiled. On the other hand I was scared my brain would be affected. I took the pill, turned around and acted as if I swallowed it and just dropped in on the ground. The bad luck was that it rolled to her foot. She picked it up and laughed at me, then she reoffered me the pill. I immediately rejected the pills. And Lina called me a wimp and walked away. I was extremely depressed and left the rave. As I approached the exit door, I saw David and Julie were kissing and making out, just because they both popped the ¡§Happy Face.¡¨ Now I am thinking why did not I accept the ecstasy from Lina, otherwise I will be have much of fun with her.