Reasons for gun violence. Says the 4 main reasons for youth gun violence.

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Reasons for Youth Gun Violence

In 1988, handguns killed 7 people in Great Britain, 13 in Australia, 8 in Canada, and 8,915 in the United States. Between 1973 and 1992, the number of privately-owned firearms in the US increased 73%; from 122 million to nearly 222 million. (Brennen and Polsby 1). These figures are shocking and there doesn't seem to be a solution. Gun control is a problem that our country has got to face. The reasons for gun violence are complex and apparently deep-rooted with an average of roughly 11,127 people killed by guns each year. (Moore).

One of the most alarming issues dealing with gun control is juvenile violence. A large percent of crimes committed with guns are by children. No one has yet been able to pinpoint the exact reason children commit such a terrible crime. Many experts feel that risk factors associated with juvenile gun-related crime are poverty, drugs, easy access to firearms, and unstable family life.

All of these issues play a big role in the increase of juvenile crime. Possibly out of all of these issues the most important, is the dedication of the family. Many of these children are not being brought up in a nice environment at home. (Buhrman). When a child's family life is unstable, negative effects from that will cause anxiety, and a sense that it's his or her own fault. Feeling that there is no way out, the child will turn to a last resort without thoroughly thinking it out. This is why most gun crimes are associated with children.

Juveniles are not the only ones committing crimes with guns. Adults are just as guilty at contributing to the nation's violence. Buying a gun is so easy that even a felon can purchase one. If they can not...