"The Reasons for Success: Christianity and Islam"

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Christianity and Islam are two religions with very strong followings which still exist today. They are two slightly different religions, but both have strong origins and powerful support which helped them to survive through the fall of the Roman Empire and into the middle ages. There are several key events which helped them to succeed as beliefs where others failed, as well as important religious figures that make these beliefs seem credible to their followers. Christianity and Islam, along with Judaism, are the most successful religions because of their appealing teachings, strong organizational structure, and certain events during the Roman Empire and beyond.

Christianity and Islam share some key similarities, but are also quite different. They both revere Abraham and certain other figures mentioned in the Bible as their spiritual ancestors. Christianity means "believer in Christ", while Islam means "submission to the will of god". Christianity was founded by Jesus Christ, while Islam was founded by Muhammad.

Both religions believe that the holy one (Jesus and Yeshua) came from a virgin birth. Christians believe that Jesus was crucified and ascended to heaven, while Muslims believe Yeshua ascended alive into heaven. Christians and Muslims both believe their leader will return sometime in the future, and they will be sent to either heaven or hell based on the lives they've lived. Christians believe that trusting Jesus as Lord and Savior, good works, church sacraments, baptism, and avoiding certain actions will get them into heaven. Muslims believe that their goods deeds during life must outweigh the bad deeds. Most Christians live in democratic countries while most Muslims live in a Dictatorship (Robinson). Another key difference is that Christianity is open to anyone willing to believe in Jesus, while Islam is a religion for the Arabs.

Christianity and Islam are clearly quite similar...