The Red Badge Of Courage

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The Red Badge of Courage This novel written by Stephen Crane, is not only filled with the life of Henry Fleming in the war, but is also full of inspirational themes. One that was mentioned was the course of growing up and maturing into a man, the theme of being initiated into manhood.

In The Red Badge of Courage, Henry Fleming and Wilson do a lot of growing up. This theme is about overcoming fear and learning to be brave; about giving up dreams and looking at the world as it really is. In this way, The Red Badge of Courage is not just the story of how Henry Fleming became a man, but also a story of growing up. As Henry makes his way from one dangerous action to the next, they become more and more convinced that this experience will earn him the praise of women and the envy men that he is a hero, a real man in their eyes.

These early thoughts of manhood are his adolescent fantasies. In realizing the considered lack of importance of henry's own life, Wilson frees himself from the chains that bind Henry. By the novel's end, Henry makes a step in the same direction, learning that the measures of one's manhood lies more in the ways in which one agrees that mistakes and responsibilities are a conduct on the battlefield.

Although the novel is based on a few weeks, the reader is witness to profound change in the characters of both Henry and Wilson. Though these men do not grow considerably older during the course of the novel, one can best describe the mind development that the novel charts Aguglia 2 for them as the passage from youth into maturity. Innocence gives way to experience, the...