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Plot Teenaged Cass was fascinated by the eccentric behavior of his landlord and was drawn into the incredible world of Mr. Magnus (his landlord). He and Maddy tried to discover his secrets and what he was doing in his garage. After months they were courageous enough to knock on his door and ask him some questions, then he started to like them and revealed his secrets. He was an alchemist and for years he was trying desperately to turn cheap metals into gold. Cass and Maddy helped him achieve his goal but shortly after a fire broke out and the gold burned. They all survived and in the hospital Mr. Magnus said, " Now that I know it is possible my life is complete".

Setting This story took place in a small community in New York City. Cass lived on Woodlawn Crescent, a very quiet street where the rent was very cheap.

It was a poor area and there were barely any stores, restaurants or entertainment. There were very few children and a lot of elderly. There was only one old theater where Cass worked to make some money. Their apartment had small windows and old wooden floors. The atmosphere was very tense and all the people were afraid of this one old man, Mr. Magnus. The people were cautious not to go near his house or make any eye contact with him.

Characters I would like to have Cass as a friend because he was very polite. He helped elderly people carry groceries and kept them company. I would also like to be treated that way. He also was very imaginative. He thought for hours what this Mr. Magnus was up to thinking up all possibilities. He also was very curious because when he thought what Mr. Magnus was up to he wanted to see it up close so he went to spy. Cass and I have a lot of things in common so therefore I would like to be his friend.