Reform movements of the first half of the nineteenth century.

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Throughout history there have been many reform movements that have changed the country which they took place in. During the first half of the nineteenth century the reform movements in America brought lasting change by causing the citizens of America to rethink their views on many important issues brought about by the economic and social disruptions of the market revolutions. First of all, the Temperance Movement helped to make a lasting change on the dangerous amounts of alcohol that the average citizen consumed. Secondly, the Woman's Rights Movement gave women many rights which they had not previously had. Finally the Abolitionist Movement caused a division in the country that led to armed conflict. Through all of these reform movements the United States have been forever changed.

The excessive consumption of alcohol was becoming a national problem in the United States. The American Society for the promotion of temperance was founded in 1826 to try to combat this problem.

They had their hands full. In 1830's the consumption of alcohol was 7 gallons per capita. Also by the 1830's The American Society for the promotion of temperance had 200,000 members. The large amount of alcohol consumption by American citizens led to many problems both with the consumer's social and family interaction and with their work. Many families were hurt economically because of the massive amounts of money that the men of the house spent on hard liquor. Also the alcohol was a major cause of crime and violence in America. With the arrival of the market revolution came the use of new industrial machines. A person working with these machines while under the influence of alcohol had an increased chance of sustaining injury or death. This problem was one reason that employers started to imply temperance rules while their employees was...