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The modern world of 2004 is much progressed in essence of how the politicians decide to trace their voters. When a candidate comes to our neighborhood for a speech or even to find a solution at some problem that has been going on for a long time, we think that we called him or someone from our neighbors, but that is not true based on Jon Gertner research of how much our politician care about us.

Its article "The Very, Very Personal Is the Political" each democratic or republican party has the information about their voters or as they called the "Political DNA." For example my name is Valentina Gjoni, my father works at certain place, has been voting for years a particular Party, he has different credit cards, loans, watches specific shows or he likes particularly one. The same thing occurs for one company when has to introduce a new product.

It has to research about demographic, ages, history and advertises in order to inform its customers and they in return provide their experience with friends and colleagues. The parties take this kind of information through selected agencies and decide what its best to do for that type of demographic location. Based on our article all this information is available through "Answer Tree" software used by Malchow or through direct mail whereas the voter's information is taking when they donated somewhere.

The next step from the politician in order to get his vote is to introduce a show in television, and commercial that will interest most of the voters from where they obtain the information since they know from the majority that will use the TV as entertainment,(Mass Communication) to fulfill their knowledge about the news in the world and as influenced from the above...