Renewable Energy

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Executive Summary

Dear President Obama,

We are writing to you today because we have been appointed into New York's prestigious emergency Labor Market Task Force. Through extensive research we have found a potential solution to help the environment and the economy, which will be geared towards the United States' auto industry. We have seen a tremendous growth in the Toyota auto industry because of their environmentally friendly hybrid vehicles; however, this had led to an increase in employment overseas rather than towards employment within the United States. The profits from their vehicles are being sent back to their home country, rather than stimulating the United States' economy. According to the economic model of Supply and Demand, demand has increased for these vehicles produced overseas such as the Toyota Prius and the Nissan leaf, as gasoline prices have hit record highs.

We have developed a product development plan to produce solar power vehicles as a way to help create a sustainable environment because the United States is known to be one of the most wasteful of resources globally.

Solar power will be an alternative energy resource, in which we can move ourselves away from fossil fuel international dependence. We plan to produce these vehicles within the United States in order to decrease the unemployment rate, which has hit the Auto Industry the worst in the last decade. We are looking for government grants to continue our product development and we need your influence to help us get corporate tax breaks from state governments, so that we can set up facilities at minimal costs. We will use those savings in order to put a bigger percentage of our funds into product development. It is clear that there is a demand for environmentally friendly vehicles that has led to the success of many...