Reparations for blacks in America.

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I think reparations should be paid to blacks here in America. We were forced over to America to live a miserable life. Even the simplest rights were taken, like learning how to read. Blacks in America invented so much, yet aren't even put in history books. A race of people which didn't have the privilege to know their own age or to have the least bit of a good education has invented the world's most needed and used things. Frederick Douglass who was born a slave was one of the first U.S. ambassadors. Dr. Daniel Hale Williams was one of America's first black surgeons and he performed one of the first successful heart operations, yet died because he needed open heart surgery. Blacks have suffered during slavery and long after, but have and continue to contribute to our society. If it wasn't for the inventions blacks have created I'm scared to even imagine today's world without blacks.

We have given so much, and now it's time for us to receive reparations. Japanese, Chinese, and Native Americans have received reparations. Jews are still receiving reparations today. When it comes down to the well deserving blacks all we get is a polished up apology and a bogus explanation. So much money is being spent on the "War on Terrorism" but what about the "War on Illiteracy" here in the America. There are many young blacks who can't afford to go to college and many who owe college loans. Reparations should be used toward the education of blacks period. Money should be put toward predominately black elementary and high schools. The reason most blacks have a hard time getting into college in the first place is because of the insufficient education blacks receive before college. Those who are already educated, satisfied with their...