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June29, 2004

Mr. John Jones

1500 Bank Street

Los Angeles, CA90045

Dear Mr. Jones:

Thank you for your letter to let us know the problems regarding an espresso machine. We at Coffee Aroma strive to serve our customers with best effort. We appreciate your patience in this matter and your suggestion is helpful to our company.

The problems have been brought to the attention of our sales department. We understand that you have bought two espresso machines, one of them was defective, and you returned it but you have not received the replacement yet. We apologize for the inconvenience and annoyance this incident caused.

We would like to offer you a $269 replacement for the $299 machine. The $30 credit can be used to upgrade the $185 machine to the $269 model. The $269 machine is the brand new model of our espresso machine, and it is the top selling product in our company since it release to the market.

We can also offer the gift box that includes a pound of coffee to your friend. Your friend's wedding will be much more unforgettable if you upgrade to the $269 machine for $54. The sale services you experienced is unusual and not the standard of our company. I promise to propose a training course for our front staffs to ensure our customer services is qualified.

Thank you again for your letter. We have enclosed a catalogue of the $269 espresso machine. If you prefer to have the replacement of $269 machines, please contact our customer service representative at 555-555-2221 or visit our shop. We are glad to serve you in the future.



Customer Service Representative

Cc: Mr. Alan V, Director of Customer Service Representative

Enclosure: A catalogue of the $269 espresso machine