A Report To Assess Possible Future Expansion For Wace Burgess In Relation to growth Towards a New Style Organisation.

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Following the large custom order received by Marks and Spencer, the current position of Wace Burgess is under review. In this report, we will look at all the possible different methods of expansion and evaluate both the benefits and drawbacks of each idea. There are many different methods that can benefit the company, however it is important to select and implement those that work best in this particular business environment. After reviewing all the possibilities, a suitable recommendation will be put forward as a proposal.

Marks and Spencer plc is a large chain of retail department stores. They work with the objective of high quality and increasing customer satisfaction with every opportunity, a lot like the prime objectives of Wace Burgess. As well as this, however, they strongly believe in working closely with their suppliers to ensure they meet these targets, and in doing so, they prefer to remain consistent in who supply them.

I.e. they usually only have one supplier for each of their products, and have been known to draw "exclusive" contracts with them in order to maintain an 'exclusive' selection of quality products for their customers. Marks and Spencer are currently one of the market leaders in its industry.

Time Compression and De-Coupling Techniques.

Time compression is when activities that previously would take a certain amount of time are made more efficient and dynamic to reduce lead times of a supply chain. This process is fairly hard to introduce effectively because all aspect of the supply chain need to be incorporated, not just individual processes within the business.

There are many methods that can be put into place to achieve time compression at different stages of the supply chain. These include simple techniques at all stages. For example at the industrial stage, methods like using a...