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Playboy (PLA)

Playboy started business in 1953 by an entrepreneur by the name of Hugh Marston Hefner. Playboy Enterprises, Inc. is busy in the growth and distribution of multimedia entertainment for mature audiences around the world. The Company operates four business groups: licensing, entertainment, online, and publishing. Playboy is a men's magazine, and Playboy operates a wide range of television networks and distributes programming by means of home video and DVD. The Company's online operations are made up of a network of Websites that have an established and growing subscriber and income base. Its licensing businesses make the most of the Playboy name, the Rabbit Head design and its other trademarks for the worldwide sale and distribution, and manufacture of a variety of consumer products.

Playboy may be contacted via email at forum@playboy.com regarding free speech, censorship, crime and punishment, gun control or any other political issue.

They may also be contacted my regular mail at 680 North Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, Illinois 60611. Playboy is located in downtown Chicago in offices that overlook Lake Michigan. The company also has offices in New York and Los Angeles. Playboy is solely based in the United States, but there product and services are used and distributed around the world. The company's power and chain of command breaks down as such, Christie Hefner chairman of the board and chief executive officer, Dennis S. Bookshester chief executive officer of Turtlewax, Inc., David I. Chemerow chief operating officer of Travel CLICK, Inc., Richard S. Rosenzweig executive vice president, Playboy Enterprises, Inc. just to name a few.

Playboy Enterprises, Inc has projected a man 5-yr growth rate of 22.5%. Playboy Enterprises Inc.'s stock does not offer and yearly or quarterly dividends on their stock. In recent events, as such with all stocks, Playboy has felt the aftermath of the tragic events, but in better light has been able to overcome the dip in the economy and stabilize. Playboy projects for the earnings to rise over the next four to five years. On the other hand in the past there was a need to limit the employees to save money do to rising cost to maintain the proper working level of the company. When speaking about people that handle the computer aspect of Playboy, there are there are Six in Beverly Hills; 40 to 45 throughout Playboy Enterprises. When talking about basic employees, not skilled trade workers, the number rises to three hundred in six different west coast locations; almost 1,000 throughout Playboy Enterprises. When visiting the company's website, I located a place where there was a place to apply for a job, so there is a job market in the company. When discussing the competition for Playboy, there are the usual ones that people think of such a Hustler, Penthouse, and White House. On the other hand there are such businesses that deal in the same line of work as Playboy, and logically speaking this would take away from potential customers for Playboy, and then these places and sites could be labeled as a competitor.