A report reflection of magazine distribution order picking report

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Order picking systems in Magazine Distribution Reality and relativity from theory

A report reflection of magazine distribution order picking report

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Table of Contents

2Table of Contents �

3Table of Figures �

4Introduction: �

4Findings: �

6Methodology/ approach: �

7PART I: Finding differences between suggested solution and adopted solution �

71. 1 Suggested strategy by group �

91. 2 Adopted solution by menzies adopted at the time �

11PART II: Evaluating Vertical Carousels and Gravity Flow Racking system �

13Table of Reference: �


Table of Figures

5Figure 1 External factors chart (e.g. daily throughput) of menzies distribution (1980 VS 2008) �

6Figure 2: Structure of the Individual Reflection �

8Figure 3 Outlining the 'Group suggested order picking strategy' �

10Figure 4 Order picking process system, types choice scenario �



billion (Mark Hawkins, 2007), includes differences between suggested solution (Gravity Flow Racking /'Recently adopted system') with Menzie's adopted solution (Vertical Carousels/ 'Adopted solution'). However, since 1980 Menzies order picking strategy had 4 fully reconfigurations, it recently implemented Gravity Flow Racking order picking system, which matches 'Suggested solution' (Gravity Flow Racking ) offer.


One of main factors in making choice of strategy is external environment factors. However, while making a report 'Suggested system', 'less traffic congestion to affect scheduled delivery' was the only change all of project team members can thought of.

By doing reflection,