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To do business in China successfully, a sincere willingness to learn and a new way to communicate in business is what one needs. To succeed, one must have an understanding of their counterpart's country, culture and ethics. This report will provide a general overview of China. It will also provide detailed information on doing business with China in relation to power, role and status, business decision making, social behaviour, work attitudes, communication and awareness for working hours. Specific recommendations will also be made to outline the conventions of business attire and communicating correctly with appropriate language. The report was written to assist one in trading with the Chinese competently.



An understanding of a general overview of China will assist one in successfully doing business in China. The Peoples Republic of China is located in south-east Asia (refer to Appendix 1: Map of China). 1.28

billion people live in China occupying a total area of 9.59 million square meters. The capital city, Beijing accommodates 12.6 million people. The national language is Putonghua or Mandarin, which in one of the five working languages of the United Nations. China is a multi-religious country with Buddhism, Taoism and Islam being the most widespread religions, this is followed by Catholicism and Protestantism. The Chinese currency Renminbi ('People's Money') is the basic unit of currency used by the Chinese people.


Power, Role and Status

It is important to understand the way that different societies function with regards to power, role and status. Rank, among businesspeople is very important; it is vital to know the rank of each individual you must deal with and to know how to respond to them consistent with their rank. In meetings, the senior member of the groups is expected to lead...