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The purpose of this document is to analyze solicited proposals received by vendors that responded to the Request for Proposal (here after known as RFP) supplying Microsoft Office software solution to Baderman. This solution is intended to form the basis for all future operating systems and word processing software within Baderman. All existing systems within Baderman will be replaced by the selected Vendor.

Analyzing RFP is a tantalizing process that should not be taken lightly. Certain question asked per the RFP is the beginning step of the analysis assignment. Additional question need to be asked in order to about the RFP responses. Have the instruction been followed on how to properly fill a response correctly and were the question understood by the vendor? "Was the RFP response received early or on time?" (Iowa)Most important, is a time factor. Vendors will be eliminated if they do not respond to the allotted time as prearranged per the RFP.

If the vendor has not responded this will signify that they do not have the appropriate recourses to fulfill the request, therefore they are not interested. On occasions vendors will call for an extension beyond the time period as described in the RFP. If this occurs a "red flag" should rise, but it will be wise to learn the reason for the vendor requests before denying the request. Allowing the privilege of an extension to one vendor should extend to all vendors.

Responses provided by the vendors, need to answer specific question that is used for the grading. Each question will be graded using the Likert scaling method. Interviews of the vendors will be used to help determine grades. Vendors not providing sufficient explanations relating to the questions will be removed.

1. Organizational goals being top priority does your product give the functionality?2. Does...