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Research Paper Outline

Although everybody should help care for the environment, the U.S. government should be responsible for promoting and fostering green practice of natural resources.

Individual actions to stimulate and encourage green practice will not happen without government enforcement.

"Only the right economic policies will enable us as individuals to be guided by self interest and still do the right thing for the planet..." (Wagner 8)

"it won't change until a regulatory system compels us to pay our fair share to limit pollution accordingly…" (Wagner 11)

"Penalties for failing to comply with Courlandt's laws could result in hefty fines. First time offence… $1,000 fines…. $2,000 second violation and up to $3,000 for each additional offense…" (Charkes 10)

The price increase due to the depletion of America's natural resources that are used daily, leads individuals to look for new reservoirs that contain certain resources.

"86% of US Energy Consumption Is Fossil Fuels" (US Energy Information Agency)

"Those quantities can and do rise in response to price rises and anticipated increases in demand… reserves of a resource grow scarce, the price rises…" (Blackman & Baumol 4)

"… then the resource's price will rise as its remaining quantity declines… price rises can be interpreted as a signal that the resource is getting scarcer…" (Blackman & Baumol 5)

"Exploring for American's Vast, Untapped Natural Resources…" (Beeler)

"The country (America) uses about 7 billion barrels of oil a year, nearly two-thirds of it imported."

( Rosenbaum 19)

The over usage of natural resources are causing global warming in America.

"Fossil-Fuel Emissions by Country" (Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center)

"… most climate scientists say we need to decrease global annual green house gas emissions by at least half …. And that will still mean rising temperatures and...