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Resolutions Whereas, it has been the will of God in her omnipotence to remove from our presence, this beautiful life of Sis Lula Roberts. We the members of First Baptist offer this tribute of love and esteem to our sister, Sis Lula Roberts memory.

Be It Resolved, that while we bow submissively to the will of Her who doeth all things well, we deeply mourn her lost and do extend to this Family our deepest sympathy.

Death is in evitable. Man is born to die; how soon, we cannot tell. Our aims may be good; our motivations may be high and successful, but when time expires, we must leave all.

Whereas, she, by her regular and loyal attendance in her good health, has let us an example to follow, We recommend to the family Her who giveth and taketh away, Blessed be Her name. May you ever lean upon the everlasting arms of Jesus, who can and will heal all sorrow.

Whereas, the St. John Baptist Church lost a consecrated member, we express our appreciation for her Christian Life, and shall miss her cheerful words and friendly smiles. She will leave on in our hearts.

Be it resolved Further, that a copy of this resolution be given to the family and one left with the church's records.

Respectully Submitted, Rev. Fredrick C. Clay First Baptist Church Wheatley, Ar 72392 Sis. Carolyn Metcalf, Church Clerk