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Essay by sorrentocat March 2005

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The goal for Project Care + is to implement a case management system to guide the Managed Care Department into the coming years. The system will provide better management of the information collected from patients. This collected information will allow better service when addressing patient needs. As with any project, there is need for input from all of the functional areas of our organization. Much of what will be required will be collected prior to the start of this project.

The focus of this brief is to create an accurate budget for the project. Many software projects "fail to meet customers expectations or fail to deliver the software within budget," according to John McManus (para 5). Thus, the following detailed analysis of resources should answer any questions needing answered before the final approval of this project. Primary data sets and factors influencing the accuracy of estimates are included to provide additional insight to the finances involved in this project.

Also, the justification for using a micro approach is included. And the major constraints are prioritized according to risk when determining the dollar amounts used in the budget. This brief includes two appendixes, a work breakdown structure of direct, general administrative overheads and a time-phased budget. These diagrams will be referenced throughout the brief to further illustrate the allocation of resources.

Primary Data Sets

In order to create the project budget, all of the primary areas where costs will arise are identified. The reason for using primary data is to ensure the accuracy. The data that we collect will help us to create our budget, "budgets are the primary tool for controlling costs," according to Allan Hamilton (2004). This is a very important piece of the puzzle that needs to be handled correctly or the project could fail. The different areas...