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I think that respect means many different things to me. In order to gain respect, you must be respectful. I believe that everyone deserves respect. Even when someone is angry at another person, there are ways that issues may be addressed to people in a respectful manner. Respect relates to many different relationships and aspects in our lives. It is a central part of culture that we learn as children, and our attitude of respect comes up every day in different situations. We show our attitudes of respect in the way we talk to people, the manner in which we wait in line at the grocery store, the way that we speak to our parents, how we address our teachers, the way we talk to our friends, how we treat our pets, the way that we treat our siblings, the way we greet each other when walking by on the street, the way we treat our roommate, the manner in which we eat, the way we answer the phone, the way we dress when we are at work, the way we speak to each other, out tone of voice when we speak, the way we use eye contact, our gestures when we speak to people, and our facial expressions when we speak to each other.

Respect is a tool that is used in our lives everyday. By being respectful, you gain respect from people. Once you have someone's respect, she is willing to do many things to be helpful and beneficial to you. Therefore, the practice of respect becomes a key element to our everyday lives.

I would like to begin by telling a story. Last weekend was a very stressful weekend for me due to the disrespect I was experiencing. My roommate had about eight friends from home...