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Everyone has seen a person drive into a parking lot and park in a handicap parking space, even though this person is perfectly able to park in a non handicap space. The offender casually walks into the store while a handicap person has to wheel their way twice as far as the other able person had to walk. This act shows there is a problem in the country that needs addressing; that is, the abuse of handicap parking places. When non handicap people park in handicap parking spaces they are not only breaking the law, but showing disrespect toward the people who really need those parking spaces. There are several reasons why this act of abusing handicap parking privileges is morally wrong and can be harmful not only to the disabled person who is denied the space but also to the individual that commits the offense. Such as: offending individuals could be fined, have their vehicle towed, and be embarrassed if caught.

One problem people might face is a fine for parking in a handicap parking space that they are not allowed to park in. A police officer may write a ticket just like if someone was speeding. The ticket will then have to be brought in front of a court were penalties may be ordered. People that receive these tickets could receive of to a $250 dollar fine or 50 hours of community service. Parking in these coveted spots can cost people a lot of money and maybe some time consuming community service. Getting a ticket for parking in a handicap parking space can also be put on individual's permanent record. Parking in a handicap parking space where individuals do not have the right to park can be extremely costly.

Another disadvantage to parking in handicap parking spaces is...