Responsibility, Strength, and Tradition

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I have a friend named Nadira who is from Saudi Arabia. She was writing a book about her experiences and was wondering what her responsibility to her audience was. She didn't know if she had to write everything or pick and choose. Is that fair to the audience to write about something but not tell everything? Nadira also was wondering if she should be anonymous or put her name. Is it fair to your audience if they don't know who is talking or writing?

In Saudi Arabia there are a lot of traditions. Women are treated unfairly. They are not allowed to be out in public without a male relative or their husband. If they are in public with a male who is not their husband or close relative they could be arrested for prostitution. They aren't even allowed to drive. There is also a strict dress code. Women must be covered from head to toe and no makeup is allowed.

If the dress code is breached by a woman she might be arrested.

Nadira lived in Saudi Arabia for 20 years of her life and at 25 is now writing her memoir. I am going to read you an excerpt from her book.

"I was only 12 when I was not allowed to go outside. I had to wear an abaya and a hijab. My parents had already started to find a suitable husband for me to marry when I turned 16. But I had other plans. I knew I had to get out of this system before it trapped me. I wanted to be a doctor. I decided I was going to run away from home and went to an abused girl's shelter. I stayed there for about 6 years and studied hard and got my high school...