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Every morning, I take the same drive to Rutgers, Camden to go to school and as I approach the parking lot, I see the beautiful skyline of the city of Philadelphia. The first building that always grabs my attention is the PSFS building. Now the PSFS is known as the Loews Hotel, and it is a luxurious hotel that is recognized for its class, its elegant features, and its food. Sole Food is the restaurant in the Loews and after looking at the building everyday, I finally went to check it out.

When I entered the restaurant, I was greeted by a lovely hostess and seated immediately. The restaurant has a cozy, hip feel to it and has a comfortable environment that all are sure to enjoy. It has a new and modern sense and features warm oval wood, tables set with rocks and candles, and has a beautiful lounge area that could have any person wanting to relax.

The server, Michael, was very welcoming and very well-informed, and I quickly got the beverage I ordered. Before ordering my meal I was able to talk to Executive Chef, Tom Kriebel. Chef Kriebel has 22 years of experience in the culinary field and arrived at the Loews in 1999. He has an impressive résumé and told me he uses "only the freshest of ingredients." I asked him what he recommended from the menu and he suggested the Hot Buttered Popcorn Shrimp, the Sole Fingers, the Grilled Alaskan Halibut, and the Filet Mignon with Creamy Potatoes. I glanced over the entire menu and everything sounded delicious.

I ultimately decided on the Hot Buttered Popcorn Shrimp as an appetizer, and for my entrée I ordered the Filet Mignon with Creamy Potatoes. Other notable dishes included Crab 3 Ways, which was Peeky Toe...