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Wanting to become a chef

enjoy cooking, creating, and demonstrating different dishes. These skills will help me succeed as a chef.In order to be a chef, one must be able to cook. I have worked in a restuarant for 3 years and ... bles, and deserts. Now I am responsible for cooking all the meals at the restuarant.Another skill a chef must have is the ability to be creative. In art classes at Sprayberry, by creative abilities re ...

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La Grande Alliance Restaurant Francais

st of goods sold3.Salaries:*Managerial/Supervisory Positions (1 for lunch and 1 for dinner)*Captain*Chef and Maitre d'hotel Dishwasher is 1 for lunch and 1 for dinner.*Sous chef cooks dishes with diff ... for dinner.*Sous chef cooks dishes with difficulty level of 3, 4 and 5 (as a moderately experienced chef).*Apprentice chef cooks dishes with difficulty level of 1 and 2 (as a moderately experienced ch ...

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Career project

If I were to choose three careers I would most like to get into it would be a firefighter, chef, or beta-tester. My reason for choosing these three fields is very simple, these are the fields ... the most. A firefighter has an aspect of thrill and would give me a chance to save peoples lives. A chef would let me indulge in my passion for cooking and a beta tester would let me do what I enjoy m ...

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Advantages and disadvantages of different methods of training in businesses

For an person to become a chef at "Fortuna" (the restaurant), these would be the main skills would need: learn how to clean th ... ll the 150 meals on the menu, take care of any customer complaints and work with a group of 4 other chefs. Here the manager wants the new chef to be flexible, as he will have to do a variety of jobs, ... hieve this skill of multi-skilling through the different types of training mentioned below.When the chef is going to be taught how to clean it will be done through induction. He will be called into th ...

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Food & Beverage Division Organization Chart

chieved for each food and beverage service area in each financial period.Liaison with the executive chef, coming out with the new, special food and beverage menu and professional service.Holding the r ... ive the task and setting the goals to all the managers under food and beverage department.Executive Chef: Executive chef is in charge of all the food cook and inventory areas. He is the head of the ki ...

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Career descriptions - State Police Officer, Chef, Lawyer

boring- Long hours in court also may get boring and tired- Lots of amounts of paper workJob three: Chef1. Chef2. Main task involved include:- Plan menu's and work out food and labour costs together w ... ef2. Main task involved include:- Plan menu's and work out food and labour costs together with head chef- Demonstrate techniques to cooks and advise on cooking procedures- Explain and enforce hygiene ...

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Restuarant Business Plan

nu are consistency, creativity, and prices. The menu will be co-designed by the owners and the head chef. The menu will consist of California Cuisine, encompassing the health conscious and touching up ... ual dishes, presented uniquely and prepared with the finest, freshest ingredients by highly trained chefs. There will be a separate child's menu consisting of all children's favorites. The menu will c ...

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This explains how chefs do to get started and what they do.

A chef is a professional cook, who is the head cook in his work field. A chef usually works in a hotel ... ead cook in his work field. A chef usually works in a hotel or restaurant. They are various type of chef but the objective is still the same. All chefs prepare and cook food and create delicious and f ... lso cooks with the same objective but not with the same skills, experience, and salary as that of a Chef.The personal qualities and abilities to add this career successfully are the following. You nee ...

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Business Essay

el - An orange shirt with back pants, black shoes and an orange cap.The Kitchen Staff - Will have a chef coat, checkered pants, scarf, apron, and chef cap.The Utility - Will be in dark blue pant and s ... hy is as follows-CAFÉ MANAGERKITCHEN SERVICEBAKERY CONFECTIONERY GUEST AREA CASH COUNETRHEAD CHEF SERVICE MANAGERCOMMIS 1 COMMIS 1 APPRENTICE CASHIERUTILITY4.1 MANAGEMENT SUMMARYThe Café ...

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Restaurant Review

, and I quickly got the beverage I ordered. Before ordering my meal I was able to talk to Executive Chef, Tom Kriebel. Chef Kriebel has 22 years of experience in the culinary field and arrived at the ...

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earn an income. To others, it is a passion; a hobby they have enjoyed their entire life. From line chefs, to pastry chefs, there are many different types of chef's in the culinary industry. Some work ... es, one could earn their bachelors' degree in Occupational Science.The specific responsibilities of chefs and cooks are determined by a number of factors, including the type of restaurant in which the ...

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Culinary Arts

into in the not too distant future for myself. I picked this because I think that I am an all right chef and I like cooking. This is one of a selected few that interest me right now and hopefully rese ... ecialize in this field. Although this is not the only way to get a career in culinary arts some top chefs have also gotten an apprentice to teach them personally the skills involved in cooking. You al ...

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A Career In The Culinary Arts

culinary arts are open to anyone who loves food, cooking, and a challenge. Although the majority of chefs are men, women are gaining master chef status, which is the highest level they can achieve in ... es after meeting strict requirements for experience, education, competition, and passing an exam. A chef must be skilled in cooking, baking, presentation, cold foods, and nutrition while working in va ...

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Yamato steak house

ver seven years now and it never gets old. The reason why is probably the quality of food and great chefs with their awesome skill of cooking.Also it's a great place to have a conversation and maybe a ... reasons we like that restaurant is probably because of the all chairs set up around the table where chefs cook their food. Personaly I think round style tables bring conversations together and also fa ...

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