Resume Analysis

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A resume is a tool for a job search and may take several drafts to prepare effectively. The writings in the resume should be able to tell the resume is for what audience, the purpose of the summary experiences, and the context of the resume should be attractive, precise, complete, and sounds professional.


If ones studies management in school, the main audience that person will have is a human resource at retailers. Human resource has to go through more than ten resumes per day, and therefore that person will weep out resumes that do not have accurate name, address, or phone number. At the work experiences section, include history of the sales and customer services if applicable. Somehow the resume has to demonstrate the willingness and the scale of more than qualify for the job to the hiring person in order to have a call for an interview.

That means the person who writes the resume should creates a good impression by being aware of the tone of words. The tone here is the implications of the attitude of the words in the resume. Audience will be more likely to read about the truth and active language about the person's abilities.


The purpose for all resumes is the most important part. It informs the potential audience s what direction the person is moving toward, and it serves a focal point in which the audiences find it easy to fill their needs. For example, if one's purpose of writing resume is to obtain a job as a teacher, then a hiring will not read any further information from that resume because the first important message has already miss match the company's common purpose. The purpose for working in retail can be, " Position requires strong...