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January 10, 2002 Dear Porraz Relatives, We are planning on having a Porraz family reunion this year on June 15th & 16th 2002. We will be getting together in Cleveland, TX at the Chain-O-Lakes Resort. Chain-O-Lakes is located 18 miles east of Cleveland, TX. Attached you can find the phone number, website, and rates for lodging. We are sending out this letter to let you know of all the neat things we are planning and to get your help on making the reunion a real success.

We are asking for everyone's information for our family tree. Attached you will find a survey that will need to be fully completed and returned to Karen Clopp no later than January 31, 2002. Also we ask that you send pictures of your families to be shown at the reunion in a slide show. Please send new or old snapshots, portraits or scans of your family.

You can include pictures of just your kids or one of you and your spouse, and of course family group pictures are always nice. Just be sure that no one in your family is left out so that we will have all our family members represented. If you would like these photos returned to you send a self addressed stamped envelope to Velma Porraz 1317 Guthrie, Waco, TX 76710.

In addition to the slide show we will be having a baby- guessing contest so please also send us one of your "Gerber" baby pictures. You know the ones that mom always showed off to everyone. It will be neat to see how much we have all changed over the years.

The reunion cost is $20.00 per family. This will cover the cost of the brisket for lunch and hamburgers and hotdogs for dinner as well as the paper goods for these two meals on the Saturday the 15th. Each family will need to bring a side dish for the brisket lunch along with a dessert, and anything you would like to have with your hotdogs and hamburgers later that evening. Breakfast and lunch on the Sunday the 16th will be anything each family would like to bring. There is a restaurant at the campsite also. Each family can send their $20.00 to Karen Clopp at 8074 Hager Dr. Orange, TX 77630 by April 15th.

Remember to return the survey by January 31, 2002, and the money and pictures by April 15, 2002. We will be sending more details later.

Thanks for your help, Karen, Annette, Sandy Borrego and Velma