Review For American Literture 1550-1770

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Why do we refer to texts like Cabeza de Vaca's Relation as Literature of Contact rather than Literature of Exploration? Because literature of exploration emphasizes "The Explorers-The Europeans" Caesar de Vaca's story is considered a contact narrative that helped shift the result of Revisionist History. This emphasizes a successful contact through acculturation therefore it is not about exploring into the new world but assimilating and surviving in it.

How does Phyllis Wheatley challenge the vision of America put forward by in the Modell of Christian Charity and the Declaration of Independence? Phillis Wheatley, who wrote On being Brought to America and To the Honorable William..., challenges the vision of America by incorporating their ideal of freedom under God used in the Modell of Christian Charity written be John Winthrop and proclaiming that---Just as Americas ascertained freedom for England, then America should give that Freedom to Slaves. This is considered an autographical text that uses verse to allocate reasoning behind reasons to free slaves just as she was freed by her masters.

Describe the Eighteenth Century Figure of the Yankee and why he is significant? What new American values does he represent? - The term "Yankee" that was negative which meant clown and uneducated farmer prior to by the British. Americans took this term and molded with pride to mean manly, hard worker, and honest. The significance of the term was to change it and build a positive image to set themselves apart from the British. Americans wanted to be viewed as hard workers, capable, and strong.

Explain the subversive nature of the gothic- The Gothic undermines and questions truth behind rationality or law, faith in law/reason, and vital American made concepts such as manifest destiny, Puritanism, Enlightenment, etc. The nature of Gothic is to question and find truth in...