Review of Marketing Standards for the First Year Students

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Marking the assignments I was reading the literature about correct essay writing in law. First I was reading information about how the legal essay supposed to be written. Then, I was reading essays for assessment and making conclusions on which it is written.

I will review in my assignment which standards I followed to mark essays of both students. Then I will turn to their essays and it's marking. First I will give my comments for the essays and their marking criteria. Finely I will report on my application at the marking criteria for the enclosed essays and I will provide my professional opinion on the ways in which these criteria could be improved.

I have enclosed a copy of two marked essays because I have done some notes on it for the marking.

Before starting marking the essay I have red guide on legal essay writing, learned marking standards enclosed in "MEMORANDUM" and a sample Criminal Law essay which was marked on highest level, for understanding how the ideal law essay must be written.

"Student's A" essay

He started his essay with jargon sentence, what caused negative reaction on his essay. But in general his short introduction is written on very good. He is giving a plan which he will follow to analyse the essay question. This is clear start.

Knowledge and understanding of the law are on good level. The student clearly understands essay question and his answer apply to it. He is making headings what preferable in essay writing. Under the each heading follows clear thoughts, references, analyse - all of this, confirm student's wide reading. He is making short conclusions after each heading.

The student is making good evaluation and application.

The essay is written logicly, consiquently and there is sence. He was moving step by...