A review of Shiksa Goddess By Wendy Wasserstein!

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The Manhattan native, Wendy Wasserstein takes her life after turning forty and lays it all on the table for everyone to read and laugh on. Wasserstein is well known person on the sets of Broadway. She is the creator of many successful plays like: Uncommon Women and Others, Isn't it romantic and An American Daughter. She is the recipient of many awards for her work.

In the book Shiksa Goddess, Wasserstein presents to the reader, a group of essays about her life after forty. The catch is that in the essays she has put in many humoristic lines that will have the reader intrigued.

The author has a certain style of writing that puts and interesting twist on the stories of her daily life. As you read on you first get a sense that the book is straightforward with the writing style. Lots of dialogue was used to present a different point of view other then the one when the reader reads along to what Wasserstein is seeing trough her eyes.

At times the essays seem like they are right off a play from one of her productions, not that I've seen one but sounds like a play. For example in the essay First Ladies Get Dressed, Wendy tells what the two first ladies, Hilary Clinton and Elizabeth Dole, and Melissa and Joan Rivers discuss, what else but fashion. A great example of her comedic side is when Joan is discussing what Hillary has in her closet. It is in dialogue form just to make it a bit more interesting.

Joan:Have you ordered from Victoria's Secret?

Hillary:No. But my husband has. (P.41)

This is a brief moment where the reader just seems to go by and then when it catches up to him/her they say to them self "Bill...