RFID Device Project Proposal Summary

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Project Proposal SummaryPurpose and Objective of the ProjectThe main purpose of the proposed project is to make upgrades and improvements to the Riordan information systems and workflow processes in order to make Riordan Manufacturing a more efficient and productive organization. Computer and information systems technology will be implemented in making changes to the inventory and manufacturing system, human resources information system (HRIS), customer relationship management system (CRM) and the finance and accounting (F&A) departments at all the different locations.

Stakeholders Associated with the ProjectThe principle stakeholders that will benefit from an implementation of the proposed project are as follows:•Employees - will have access to improved methods of data input, which should make their work easier.

•Management officials- will be better able to make strategic decisions relating to the general operation of the company.

•Customers - an improved system will enhance customer's satisfaction and ensure products of the best quality•Vendors- Changes will improve business transactions with the vendor(s).

"By proactively engaging the right stakeholders - those most relevant to core business objectives - a company minimizes risks and maximizes opportunities" (futue500.org, 2004).

Areas of Business That Needs ImprovementInventory and ManufacturingThere is a lack of automation in the processes currently in place at receiving, manufacturing, and shipping. There is a need for more accurate methods of data input and inventory update. In order to ensure consistency of operations, effective quality control and efficient inventory management, a solution is needed to integrate and automate the many manual processes associated with the current system.

Finance and AccountingDifferent finance and accounting systems are used throughout the organization; often at times data files require conversion after transfer and the overall processes are labor-intensive and costly.

Sales and marketingThe firm has historical records in many disparate databases as well as in paper files and microfiche and would...