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How to tame a wild tongue

When analysing how to tame a wild tongue it is important to note the writer's background and where she comes from. She comes from a very diverse background; her parents were immigrants, she was born in south Texas, and she identifies herself as a lesbian Chicana feminist. The purpose of her writings was to "redefine minority identities" (77).Anzaldua opens the essay with an anecdote to help explain the purpose of the essay and the title of her Essay. This affects her audience by changing the intended idea of how a essay should start and change it to starting with an Anecdote. This decision relates to her appeal to ethos by establishing the ethical ideas of her purpose with taming her wild tongue. Without this anecdote, Anzaldua would have not have had as much established as she does with the anecdote.. That being said I found "How to Tame a Wild Tongue" is helpful in expressing not only how diversity affects the shaping of one's personal identity but also the importance of one's language.well,

lets STOP & THINK How does the author's list of languages she speaks act as a rhetorical strategy? Develop a question with notes. Refer to yesterday's notes if needed, and be sure to name the specific rhetorical strategy she uses. STOP & THINK Gloria Anzaldua list words and phrases commonly used among Pachuco-speaking kids. Notice the type of words and phrases she chooses. What does this list tell us about their lives? How does this specific list of words act as a rhetorical strategy? Talk in your table groups, and develop a question and notes to explain your thinking. EVOLVED COLONIZERS DIALECTS Develop gradually, especially from a simple to a more complex form A regional or social variety of a...