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Rhinoceros Write up Spring 2001 6th period The rhinoceros have existed here on Earth for over fifty million years. The numbers have dramatically declined since 1968 and 1995. There are five different species of rhinos. They are as follows: 1. The Black Rhino 2. The Javan Rhino 3. The Sumatran Rhino 4. The Indian Rhino 5. The Gray Rhino The rhinos have a gestation period of 16 to 18 months. The baby rhinos stay with their mothers for about 2.5 years until another rhino is born then the mother pushes away her oldest to care for the little one. Typically, all rhino are anti-social. They eat grass and like to take bathes. The mud keeps them cool on hot days. They attack anything that they want to. They all have two ivory horns and have a thick heavy armor of skin about a half of an inch thick.

The Black Rhino is probably the most commonly found rhino in Africa.

It can weigh up to 2000 to 5000 pounds. The Javan Rhino is the least found and the smallest of its species. The Sumartran Rhino is the second least seen rhino in the world. The Indian Rhino is more commonly found. The Gray Rhino is small too.

The reason for their decline is that poachers have hunted them and made trophies of them and have sold their ivory for money. We can help protect them by not purchasing ivory products and find an organization to give money to that helps them multiply and stay healthy so that they will become no longer endangered. If you want to appreciate the rhino you can visit them at the Wild Animal Park or your local zoo.